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My Chemical Peeling protocol for fast and long lasting results of acne and acne scars

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April 16, 2021 | Webinar

Rudina Thanasi

Kinika ‚??Dr Rudina Bashkim Thanasi‚?Ě, Albania

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Abstract :

Acne Conglobata and Acne sever , acne nucea are considerate more rare caseus of acne. In my practice they represent 70% of consultations. Some pacients has moody behaivour , agresive behaviour towards theirself or other, femails often have polichistic sindrom, but all acne pacients has depresion and low self eastem especially young ones. Emocional neuropsihic stres it is one of the most important common factor trigers in acne. In the last four decades we actually have a an effective therapy in treating acne sever, oral isotrtinoin, but with the blossoming of internet also a lot of pacients are scared of isotretionoin side effects. In my practice, I have seen nesesary to give importance and treat as much triger factors at the same time as posible, to have results as soon as posible combining the knowledge of Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology, and Wellbeing and Wound healling . My protocol in the last 14 years, for pacients with sever acne , consist in three steps treatmeant. Results are very satisfactory from the first month. In 2-5 months a pacient has serious aesthetic improvmeant and almost no aparent acne, so the pacient it is very colaborative and keeps up with the treatmeant to preserv the results gladdly for 18 months.

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