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Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids

Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids
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Multi frequency test: Is it reliable for preoperative diagnosis of otosclerosis?

International Conference and Expo on Audiology and Hearing Devices

August 17-18, 2015 Birmingham, UK

Khabti Al Muhanna

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Abstract :

Otosclerosis has been derived from a Greek word meaning ear hardening. Clinical judgment was the only way to diagnosis this
disease. Confirmation of the diagnosis preoperatively is needed in order to explain to the patient the procedure and the outcome.
Multiple–frequency tympanometry (MFT) is a non–invasive, quick, and inexpensive method for examining the middle-ear function
that found to be with value in differentiating otosclerotic from normal middle ears that caused researchers to evaluate its sensitivity
to detecting otosclerosis. Resonant frequency had been found to be higher in otosclerotic middle ears than normal. We conducted
multiple-frequency tympanometry measurements in three groups. First group otosclerotic ears (25 subjects) before stapes surgery,
second group normal ears control group (24 subjects) and the third group the FMT was conducted after stapes surgery (10 subjects).
Mean middle-ear resonant frequency for the otosclerotic group was found to be 1190 Hz and mean middle – ear resonant frequency
of the control group was 934.6 Hz (p<0.001) and post-operative group where as 800 Hz. The present findings confirm the advantage of
the resonant frequency tympanometry in detecting middle – ear status and mechanics in patients with otosclerosis. As a conclusion,
multiple–frequency tympanometry is sensitive in detecting the otosclerosis and we recommend it to be part of diagnostic toll before
stapes surgery. However, further studies are necessary in order to brace this proposal.

Biography :

Khabti Al Muhanna is Consultant Otorhinolaryngology, subspecialty Otology and Cochlear Implant at Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, KSA.