MRI approach to neurometabolic disorders | 18297
Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access

Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access
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ISSN: 2572-0775

MRI approach to neurometabolic disorders

13th European Pediatrics & Pediatric Neurology Conference

August 31-September 02, 2017 | Prague, Czech Republic

Hamza Alsayouf

Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center, UAE

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Abstract :

Inborn errors of metabolism are a difficult group of disorders for the Neuroradiologist, as there are few good clinical or neuroradiological criteria for differentiating them. These disorders are individualy rare but collectively not uncommon. In this review, a technique of diagnosis by pattern recognition based on MRI of the brain supplemented by clinical history will be very helpful in narrowing the differential diagnosis for these disorders. Proper use of these neuroimaging tools can be very useful for separating these disorders into more manageable groups, and sometimes allows a specific diagnosis to be made. This review will help also to cut the cost of investigations as it will narrow the differential diagnosis based on MRI findings.