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Mistletoe therapy, a boon to cancer treatment

2nd Global Summit on Herbals & Natural Remedies

October 17-19, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sandeep Roy

Rishikesh Hospital, India

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Abstract :

Mistletoe therapy is a type of treatment for cancer used by doctors trained in Anthroposophic medicine. This therapy was developed in Switzerland by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century. Rudolf Steiner was Austrian-born and he developed the science of Anthroposophy. The word Anthroposophy means â�?�?wisdom of the human beingâ�?�?. It takes into account spiritual dimensions of the human being and the world. Steiner introduced the concepts of anthroposophy into all aspects of life â�?�? education, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, economics, art and religion. This was how Anthroposophic medicine was born. Anthroposophic medicine is based on the spiritual scientific view of a healthy human being who is in close harmony and interaction with the different levels of creation and has lost this when in a state of ill health. This involves a holistic approach and hence is compatible with other holistic systems of medicine. Training in Anthroposophic medicine is available only to doctors already trained in conventional or alternative systems of medicine. The substances from which anthroposophical medicines are prepared are essentially natural and taken from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Medicines are prepared according to Homoeopathic principles and hence anthroposophic medicine and homoeopathy easily go hand in hand. Mistletoe is the trade name of a group of anti-cancer treatments, all prepared from different types of mistletoe extracts. Treatment with Mistletoe aims at intensifying the bodyâ�?�?s own forces against the cancer cellâ�?�?s tendency towards autonomy. Mistletoe is a complementary rather than an alternative medicine. It is frequently prescribed in Europe by medical doctors including oncologists in addition to the conventional cancer therapies, radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Nowadays in Europe, mistletoe is a key component in conventional cancer therapy. Here in India, following training in anthroposophic medicine, homoeopaths have begun to use Mistletoe for cancer cases. Mistletoe is available in the US under the brand name Iscar. THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS â�?¢ Early malignancies. Here it has the greatest scope, especially in Stage 0, i.e. Carcinoma-in-situ. â�?¢ Advanced malignancies. Here it is of considerable help in inoperable tumours, recurrences, widespread metastases and in terminal cases, it brings about palliation. â�?¢ It is used as a prophylactic for malignant lesions in pre-cancerous states, where regression of the lesion takes place. â�?¢ Benign neoplasms. â�?¢ Surgery. Inoperable tumours become operable through delineation of the tumour by Mistletoe therapy. During the operation, it helps prevent dissemination of the tumour. Post-operatively, it hastens a smooth convalescence. Early followup treatment by Mistletoe results in a significant reduction in the incidence of recurrences and late metastases by about 30-40 %. â�?¢ Concurrent with chemotherapy and/or radiation, Mistletoe prevents or reduces toxic side effects, promotes tolerance as well as dispersion of the tumour. â�?¢ Cancer patients treated with Mistletoe and followed up for a long time with regular laboratory investigations show no toxic symptoms, apart from the desirable rise in body temperature, transient rise in leucocytes and rise in lymphocytes. No harmful side effects have been reported. Even if Mistletoe is given intensively for many years, there is no depression of the bone marrow unlike chemotherapy and radiation.

Biography :

Sandeep Roy has been practicing in the field of cancer preventition for the past decade. He has taken efforts to create awareness about cancer for the past six years. He is one of the few doctors in India who practices mistletoe therapy and has played an important role in creating awareness of this cost-effective and efficient therapy for cancer patients. He has won recognition for his persistent efforts in creating awareness about cancer, it's symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis.