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miR-146a regulates cellular immune response and apoptosis during Singapore grouper iridovirus infection and enhances viral replication

8th World Congress on Virology

November 28-30, 2016 San Antonio, USA

Songwei Ni

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Abstract :

miRNA represents an indispensable role in post-transcription regulation during gene expression, this regulation participates in cell proliferation, differentiation, immune response, death and other cellular processes. Plenty studies have demonstrated that miRNA encoded by the host can be used as a tool to suppress cellular immune response and facilitated the viral replication. miR-146a has been reported as an inhibiting factor of innate immunity in kinds of cells of human, giving assistance to virus activity in both in vivo and in vitro. In our work, we discovered that fish derived miR-146a was remarkably up-regulated during Singapore Grouper Iridovirus (SGIV) and Nervous Necrosis Virus (NNV) infection in vitro. Overexpression of miR-146a through mimic transfection resulted in the suppression of NF-kB activity and the expression of inflammatory cytokines including TNF-�?± and IL-8, cytopathic effect observation and quantitation of viral mRNA revealed that virus activity was more positive in miR-146a overexpressed cell than the negative control, western blot of viral protein and progeny virus titer assay also provided the consistent results. We also find that miR-146a restrained the caspase-3 activity and the early cell apoptosis induced by SGIV infection, this represented another assistance provided by miR-146a to promote the viral replication. To clarify the regulatory mechanism, we are still trying to search for and verify the target genes of miR-146a in fish cells, including the TNF receptor associated factor 6 (TRAF6) and interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase 1 (IRAK1). In short, we found that fish derived miR-146a plays a crucial role during SGIV and NNV infection and this regulation has a tight relationship with NF-kB signal path, exploring of the regulatory mechanism may inform us more detail information of fish iridovirus and Nervous Necrosis Virus infection.

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