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Military service effects on personality and psychological well-being

17th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

May 01-03, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Paula Boros, Alexandra Alfaro and Tuyet Nguyen

Nova Southeastern University, USA

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Abstract :

There has been a recent spike in media coverage regarding military personnel shootings. These incidents have a tendency to leave the public wondering if military service plays a role in this violence. Further, could experiences in the military lead to shifts in a person��?s character? In this study, researchers are interested in investigating the effects of military service on personality and psychological well-being. A quantitative one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was conducted involving 6660 total participants-4846 of which report having never served in the military and 1814 report that they have served on active duty. Findings are later discussed, along with implications for research on military systems and their surroundings, overlapping systems. Researchers also argue that extension of this research should be done to further explain the effects of military service on personality and psychological well-being, as well as the effects they may have on individuals and families. Researchers conclude by highlighting the possibility of clinical therapeutic intervention as having a positive impact on military personnel and their systems. By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: 1. Understand the relationship between military service and the effects it may have on personality and psychological well-being constructs, 2. Identify ways personality and psychological well-being could impact an individual��?s behavior, 3. Interpret how changes resulting from service in the military within these constructs could affect interpersonal relationships and 4. Conceptualize how certain therapeutic services could have a positive impact in these systems.

Biography :

Paula Boros is currently PhD student at Nova Southeastern University. Her experience covers a wide variety of settings in diverse ranges of populations. She has extensive experience within the military, having served in the US Army for several years.