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Mental health issues among adults with liver disease

Webinar: 26th International Conference on Neurology & Neurophysiology & 32nd Euro Congress on Psychiatrists and Psychologists

April 04-05, 2022 WEBINAR

Haifa Bin Haamed

University of Sheffield, UK

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Abstract :

Background: Previous studies show that adults diagnosed with liver failure developed psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. Further, Hepatic cirrhosis can cause cognitive impairments during encephalopathy and even in the absence of it. Method: This study aims are to investigate the level of cognitive impairments in the absence of encephalopathy. Also, to assess for symptoms of anxiety disorders among patients with liver failure. Participants are adults age between 18 to 60 diagnosed within the last two years with the lives disease. We will assess those on the waiting list for liver transplants and who have no history of other transplant surgery. Result: The expected result will be that younger adults will have less cognitive impairments but more anxiety symptoms. For the older adults we are expecting to find high level of cognitive impairments and low level of anxiety symptomology. Findings from this study would advise the researcher and clinician on the development of an early psychological intervention.

Biography :

Haifa Bin Haamed is a PhD researcher. Currently working at University of Sheffield, UK.