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Medical management of HPV disease

International conference on Human Papillomavirus

October 20-21, 2016 Chicago, USA

Giuseppe Del Priore

Morehouse School of Medicine, USA
Tyme Inc., USA

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Abstract :

The long natural history of HPV diseases (e.g., CIN) provides an opportunity for potentially effective non-surgical management of these conditions before they become frank cancer. Traditional surgical treatment modalities have potential complications like bleeding, cervical stenosis, adverse pregnancy outcomes, infections, pain and most concerning, a high overall recurrence rate. Up to one in five women treated with local destructive surgical techniques will recur within two years thus potentially requiring another traumatic locally destructive therapy. Since surgical treatments are not ideal, there has long been interest in less invasive modalities for management of HPV diseases including vulvar and cervical dysplasias. We will attempt to briefly discuss these non-invasive management options that could be considered alternatives to local destructive surgical techniques in certain situations. Specific topics covered will include condom use, smoking, nutrients, retinoids, indoles, interferons, antimetabolites, immune therapies and more.

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