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MDConnectMe: Improving communication and maximizing the patient experience and hospital reimbursement - A paradigm shift to the new model in health care delivery

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetology & Trichology

November 12-14, 2013 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago-North Shore, IL, USA

Landon Pryor

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Abstract :

Introduction:In this study, we introduce a novel communication platform that has been designed to share patient data in real time with an unlimited number of individuals in a secure and confidential, HIPAA-sensitive format. Methods: A cohort of 351 consecutive patients scheduled to undergo elective procedures were prospectively invited in an anonymous survey study to evaluate user satisfaction. This study was approved by the Johns Hopkins Institutional Review Board. Patients were offered complimentary registration in non-randomized fashion to a secure, web-based service designed to distribute real-time message updates to a personalized group of recipients via text messaging and/or email. Results: A total of 260 patients were enrolled. On average, patients selected a total of 3.5 recipients for electronic message updating. A total of 1195 patient-directed message updates were sent worldwide by healthcare staff during the study period. There were no documented errors or reported failures in message delivery. Satisfaction surveys were completed by 174 patients for a response rate of 67%. Respondents identified themselves as patients (n=43, 24.7%), family/friends (n=111, 63.8%), physicians (n=9, 5.2%), and healthcare staff (n=11, 6.3%). Respondents? satisfaction with the service was high: 94.3% of users ?enjoyed this software,? 91.8% ?would recommend and/or advise this product to a close family member/friend? and 92.5% would ?recommend their loved ones to sign up for this service." All patients who completed the survey reported ?an improved hospital experience.? All responding family/friends ?felt more connected to their loved ones during surgery.? Surveyed health care professionals ?found this program useful and efficient.? Conclusion: This unprecedented technology experience, known as MDconnectME, has shown to be well-received by all user types throughout the healthcare community and well-appreciated by patients and their family/friends. Our survey results demonstrate an unusually, high user-satisfaction rate and confirms the efficacy of this mobile technology for enhanced communication between physicians, their patients, and their patients? friends and families. Availability of this type of technology has the capacity to revolutionize the way in which physicians communicate with patients and their loved ones.