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Management of Locally Rectal Cancer

2nd International conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia - May 26-27, 2022 | Webinar

May 26-27, 2022 | Webinar

Haitham Saimeh

King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Rectal cancer disease is a unique and different completely from other cancers and is not as the same behavior of colon cancer.The last 15cm of GI tract has its own management and treatment.The first step in the management of rectal cancer is to go for the neo adjuvant chemo radiotherapy, which has multiple ways of treatment and dealing with rectal cancer. The neoadjuvant has in some cases aver big effect that some patients don’t need surgery and they will be kept under watch and see policy.Even the neoadjuvant has many and many different treatments before taking the patient for surgery.The neoadjuvant has a big effect that in the recurrent role of rectal cancer, which can decrease the role of recurrence but even though we are facing some recurrences post neoadjuvant therapy.There are multiple ways of dealing with the recurrence, surgically or either in the approach to treatment, till now there is no best way to prevent recurrences and to deal and treat the recurrences but the most important is to catch the recurrence as early as possible. In our own presentation, we are trying to summarize why recurrence happened? How can we manage recurrence? And, what is the best way tode crease therate of the recurrence.

Biography :

Haitham Saimeh is General Surgery, Assistant consultant, Colorectal department, King Feisal speciality Hospital Research, KFSH-RC, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Academic Qualifications: MBBS in Medicine & Surgery (Teshreen University, Syria, 1984 – 1991) 3 years practicing in Al Assad University Hospital, Teshreen University, Syria, in all departments (Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, ENT, ER) from 1988-1990Training in Jordan University Hospital in Internal Medicine Dept., for one month, Summer vacation 1986. Training in Al Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital in Kuwait for one month, in summer vacation, 1987. Training in AlSabah General Hospital in Kuwait, in General Surgery for two months during the summer holidays, 1988. Internship, Al Bashir Governmental Hospital – Amman, Jordan 21/1/1992 – 25/12/1992, the rotation was for one year in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obs. & Gyne, Conference of Jordnian surgical society 2017-2018 [speaker] conferences of Jordanian Surgical society 2021-2022 [speaker] conferences of Saudi society, SGSS, February 2022.