Local antibody as a correlate of protection against influenza inf | 6863
Immunome Research

Immunome Research
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Local antibody as a correlate of protection against influenza infection

2nd International Conference on Antibodies and Therapeutics

July 11-12, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

John Tregoning

Imperial College London, UK

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Abstract :

In spite of there being a vaccine, influenza is still a major cause of disease and we still do not fully understand how influenza vaccines protect against infection (correlates of protection). Antibody is a key candidate, but the optimum subtype, location and specificity are not known. The need for greater understanding about protection from influenza is timely because of the recent introduction of live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) into the childhood vaccination schedule (2013/14 season). It has been suggested that LAIV induces broader protection than inactivated vaccine, however, for unknown reasons LAIV is not fully protective against the circulating H1N1 virus, possibly because it fails to induce antibody. We use mouse models and clinical studies to measure the relative roles of antibody compared to other components of the immune response.

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