Lifestyle disorders management in sedentary office work related problems-integrated physical medicine andrehabilitation with ayurveda/yoga
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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Lifestyle disorders management in sedentary office work related problems-integrated physical medicine &rehabilitation with ayurveda/yoga

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August 19-21, 2013 Embassy Suites Las Vegas, NV, USA


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Abstract :

L ifestyle disorders are main cause of morbidity& mortality In developed countries and urban population in developing countries. As multi factorial we narrow down to complications of obesity, pain syndromes(Fibromyalgia, nerve compressions, chronic fatigue syndrome),Infertility. My oclinic suggest to get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity. You also can do a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. The guidelines suggest that you spread out this exercise during the course of a week. We search for guidelines and for the best combination of biomechanical correction with ayurvedic & yogic lifestyle concepts that motivate, maintain throughout life as dropping outs are main problem. We present 3 case management by application of biomechanical modifications, wellness concept of PM&R with Ayurveda/yoga concepts that motivate, modify sedentary work class life style. Most embarrassing health problems of this groups are obesity, pain syndromes and infertility. Further discussions may help to develop some protocols in these problems. Yoga is therapeutically used for passive stretching and biomechanical benefits Mild(800cal/day/ ) & Moderate work group(1800cal/day) energy expenditure. screening & case selection done by physiatrist .We offer preventive programmes and curative also. Preventive regime advised myoclinic guidelines plus suryanamaskar involving all body muscle stretching. Certain medical conditions can?t do this posture. Regarding the main problems we do integrated obesity clinic, pain clinic and secondary infertility clinic. Team include PMR Specialist, PT, Ayurveda/yoga consultants. Pain assessed by VAS and functional assessment by FIM Score. Case management discussions. 1. Obesity 2. Fibromyalgia 3. Secondary infertility

Biography :

Prasanth has completed his graduation & post graduation from Calicut &Trivandrum medical colleges in India. Rehabilitation medicine fellowship done from Singapore General hospital. He was part of a stroke research team of National university hospital of NUS, in brain computer interphase. MIT made robotic arm trained in upper limb stroke rehabilitation. He also worked with PMR apex hospital in Kuwait. Presented papers & cases in International, national venues, he is keen on neurorehabilitation.