Leaning towards action: The who, what, why, when and how of impro | 1852
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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Leaning towards action: The who, what, why, when and how of improving quality in your supply chain

2nd International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control

November 12-14, 2013 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago-North Shore, IL, USA

Gerard Pearce

Keynote: J Develop Drugs

Abstract :

Traditionally, In world-class companies, supplier quality strategy is largely proactive - leaning towards driving value from the enormous amount of resources that are poured into these efforts. This presentation explores the driving factors behind supplier quality, and the techniques used by world-class organizations to get the most out of this function. What attendees will learn: The presentation examines some of the forces behind the need for better Supplier Quality Management - and how to handle them, including: � Compliance, � Competitive Advantage, and � The need to keep up with an ever-expanding global supply chain. A variety of methods are shown to tailor the tools, resources and frequency of supplier evaluations, based on risk. Lastly a baseline for �leaning towards action� is provided, including ways to get the most out of supplier quality resources through: � Better infrastructure, � Integrated systems, � Standardized tools and processes, and � Helping suppliers help themselves

Biography :

Gerard Pearce is a quality and supply chain expert with over 20 years? experience in combining the disciplines of Quality, Technology and Supply Management. Since 2000, he has focused on defining the infrastructure that provides managed supplier quality programs for numerous global leaders in the fields of pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, aerospace, consumer goods and more. Central to this infrastructure is the technology required for effectively running a global supplier quality operation by connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain.Currently the Executive Vice President with SQA, he is closely involved in shaping and improving the global supplier quality strategy for SQA?s Fortune 500 clients. He is a regular commentator on the supplier quality challenges of global organizations, and is actively involved in several industry bodies.