Laryngeal papilloma, what are we missing
Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access

Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access
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Laryngeal papilloma, what are we missing

12th World Pediatric Congress

December 13-15, 2018 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al-Driweesh Bshair Abdulrahman, Hazim Aleid

King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Case presentation: 11 year old boy medically free presented with hx of voice hoarseness, not investigated before. No hx of Choking episodes No hx of Cough, dyspnea, DOB. No hx of Airway Traumanot in distress, vitally stable saturating well. Bronchoscopy showed: Mobile vocal cords, Papillomatous mass, Normal subglottic area, Normal Arytenoids. What are we missing? It is the most common pediatric benign laryngeal neoplasm and second most common cause of childhood hoarseness. It is characterized by (wart-like) growths of the airway predominantly affecting the larynx and trachea (and occasionally bronchi and lung parenchyma). DNA has been retrieved from normal laryngeal and tracheal mucosa in 4% of cases. The mode of transmission include vertical and sexual. Risk factors of acquiring JoRRP are mothers with active condylomata (2/3), young mothers, vaginal delivery, first child, low S E. Treatment objectives include relieve airway obstruction, improve voice quality, and to facilitate remission Are we missing anything? Counseling, the impact of a diagnosis of HPV infection; cultural issues- HPV testing may be seen as an indicator of infidelity or premarital sex, Positive test result could lead to excommunication from the family, Chart documentation. psychologist, sex therapist or social worker, adolescent sexuality- Adolescents want to discuss issues of sexuality with their health care providers and are likely to discuss these issues in a nonthreatening environment. They prefer to be asked questions rather than being expected to volunteer information and need reassurance that their privacy will be respected and information will not be shared. Future and Controversies: Use of medical therapy to eradicate latent papilloma virus found in 20% of normal-appearing mucosa, to determine the genetic predisposition via genetic studies, New human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine recommended for preteen and teenage girls, Controversy still exists concerning the best mechanism of surgical removal, and addressing the socio-sexual environment in our conservative culture

Biography :

Al-Driweesh Bshair Abdulrahman has passed successfully in Medical Council Of Canada Evaluating Examination in 2015. In 2013 she got her 2nd honor degree from University of Dammam (UOD). In 2017 she got Best Poster Award at 3rd SCHS International Medical Education Conference-awarded by Saudi commission for health specialties.

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