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Integrated coastal zone management: Putting knowledge into practice

International Conference on Coastal Zones

May 16-18, 2016 Osaka, Japan

Suzan E A Kholeif

Director National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF), Egypt

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Abstract :

In general, integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive strategy or framework based on the best available science and governance to be implemented at the community level and national level targeting sustainable ecosystem. In the past, many initiatives have been categorized in the name â�?�?ICZM projectsâ�? both in Mediterranean Countries and elsewhere, but it is now widely recognized that, ICZM is a process which takes many years to develop. Several ICZM projects and initiatives were launched since 1990s, to put into practice national and regional coastal zone management strategies, however up to now they have not been implemented in a reliable way. ICZM use to regulate the spatial deployment of economic activities and to set up spatial planning systems for coastal areas. However, there is still a lack of experience in some countries, and little data and knowledge available to policy makers and practitioners for successfully development and/ or implement of ICZM. The most important problem now is how to make better use of knowledge and data in integrated climate changes into ICZM process. The importance of improving knowledge transfer between countries is considered a vital component for cooperation. Knowledge transfer involves the processes for collecting and sharing knowledge, skills, best practices and consultancy. Identify relevant information regarding ICZM and impact of climate changes on coastal areas are required to identify the most likely priority uses, current potential pressures, synergies and governance framework for ICZM.

Biography :

Suzan E A Kholeif is an experienced Egyptian Marine Geologist, having over 20 years of work experience in Environmental Assessment, Coastal Zone management, in the area of geology, climate changes, geo-environment, water quality assessment. She holds a PhD in Marine Geology (1999) and holds a strong track record of publications which include climate changes, sea-level changes, assessment of coastal waters quality, shore protection, as well as Environment Impact Assessment (EIA). She also has participated in many national and international projects, as investigator, team leader and/or coordinator, for instance: EU-funded project - SESAME (2007-2011); Evaluation of chemical contamination in the Eastern Mediterranean by the method of transplanted mussels MYTIOR (2009-2010); PEGASO (2010-2013); AQUAMED (2010-2014); FORCE (2011-2014); MEDINA (2010-2014); Advisory Board of IASON (2013-2015) and national expert of MIRA, and FP7 project (2011-2013).