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Journal of Leukemia

Journal of Leukemia
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Improving pediatric case management in home health

2nd International Conference on Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric Medicine

October 05-06, 2017 Las Vegas, USA

Nancy E Cisneros

Excelsior College, USA

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Abstract :

Problem: This project author recognized a deficiency in home-based care regarding a lack of a standardized pediatric case management model. Due to this deficiency, and through evidence-based research, many post-bone marrow pediatric patients treated at hospitals are often not discharged home for aftercare and are kept in the hospital causing a great financial burden to the stakeholders along with added stress to patient and family. Purpose: The purpose of this capstone project is to provide through evidence-based practice that Registered Nurse (RN) case managers quarterback patient-and family-centered care through coordination, teamwork and collaboration within a vast interdisciplinary team; meeting positive outcomes/ goals, while decreasing re-hospitalizations that can offload the financial health costs. Goal: This capstone project seeks to position the pediatric cancer patient and family/caregivers as the core team member(s) and the drivers of a collaborative patient-centered care model in the home-based setting. The proposed model will evidence the unique aspect of teamwork and collaboration with the inter-disciplinary care team in the home health setting and the inter-disciplinary oncology treatment team based in the hospitals responsible for delivery of in-patient and follow-up medical care. Objectives: This author will demonstrate through education and leadership, the best practices to employ home-based patient-and family-centered care directly to the pediatric patient with the assistance of the larger interprofessional team. The RN case manager��?s knowledge will be gained and competencies met through observing YouTube video simulation of central line access with lab draw, and effectively communicating through coordination with the home health and hospital teams. Outcomes and Results: With the utilization of this proposed project, the pediatric post-bone marrow transplant cancer patient has enhanced home-based care outcomes and decreased risk of re-hospitalization, which has significantly impacted more than forty patients during 2016. Additionally, the patient can be treated safely in their home setting which significantly decreasing the cost of care to the insurance companies, the hospitals, families, along with the security for the pediatric patient to be treated in their own loving homes.

Biography :

Nancy E Cisneros began her career as a broker and processor of almonds and pistachios in 1990 in California’s Central Valley. While growing her business, she married her life partner whom took the reins of the company to allow Nancy to follow her dreams of delivering compassionate health care to children with cancer. Nancy completed her undergraduate nursing education in 1999 and quickly found herself in the role of bedside Oncology RN. With her sights set on pediatric oncology in the public health sector, she took a position as pediatric oncology case manager in home health with Sutter Care at Home in 2002. Developing effective forms of communication, documentation, and care delivery used in Sutter, she declared to complete her graduate school education in slow steady pace. This year, Nancy completed her MSN with emphasis in nursing education and as a clinical nurse specialist. The graduate school capstone project she created was geared towards pediatric oncology and has been adopted by several home health agencies as a working case management paradigm. Still excited to grow, learn, and give; Nancy started a community health education company with her husband along with a non-profit for children and young adults suffering cancer and other lifethreatening diseases with her siblings.