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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Immediate butts reshaping in 3D by projection instead of volume augmentation

5th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology, Trichology & Aesthetic Practices

April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Alain Tenenbaum

Swiss Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, Switzerland

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Abstract :

Introduction: In the 21st century, to be attractive nude parts like the face and what can appear through destroyed jeans are not enough anymore. Not nude butts covered by fashion jeans or pants are also a posterior visit card to get attention. Until these years, anti-aging focused only on volume augmentation using fat grafting, fillers, prosthesis or endoprosthesis as suspensions sutures or threads. With these techniques called improperly endopeel for special reasons, butts can be reshaped in �?½ hour a butt as a tailor, keeping same mass and volume of the muscles, in a 3D dimension by chemical myoplasty or reshaping and tightening the gluteal muscles, chemical myopexy by lifting the banana fold and the gluteal muscle, by projecting the desired chosen projections point instead of volume augmentation and by chemical myotension giving back the tension of gluteal muscles lost during the last years. Material & Methods: We do use a patented chemical mixture containing an oily carbolic acid with pKa=6.6 different from phenol (pKa 9.9â�?�?orbitals sp2-sp3 overlappingâ�?¦). The techniques are so called Endopeel. Experimentation studies have been made during 16 years on rats and humans and we never got any necrosis, infections or chronic complications. We use special patterns according to the ethnicity, the sex, the sports activity, the fashion and desires of patients. Muscles are considered as visco-elastic elastomers and can be reshaped by units with 1 vector and 2 anisotropic tensors. 3 parameters have to be chosen as the projection point, the distance between the inferior point of the pre-sacral triangle and the infragluteal diamond losange as the banana fold lifting line regarding the sex and/or ethnicity. Injections are all subcutaneous. Patients are females, males, old and young, sporty or not sporty, post lipoplasty patients, cellulitis and metro-sexuals (highest rate). In case of gluteal atrophy of muscles or paralysis, the technique can be applied with satisfactory results. Results: Immediate results can be seen and average duration is 6-7 months. Maintenance each 2-3 months with low quantity are the best to keep the butts in shape as, Endopeel, is a progressive lifting too. Goals are to get a tightening, lifting and projecting effect of the gluteal mass. Results are adapted to gender, fashion, ethnicity as the 5 types of clinical gluteus. Side effects: They are transitory as edema, ecchymosis. No paralysis, no infection, no necrosis and no reported lawsuit since 16 years for physicians using this method with original product. Conclusion: Fashion 3D butts taylor shaped with projection instead of volume augmentation can be done in 15 minutes with immediate results for metrosexuals, sporty patients and others with a 6 months duration effect bestens kept by maintenance. This method is purely medical without social eviction, painless, scarless and patients can go back to their normal activity 1 hour after the procedure.

Biography :

Alain Tenenbaum (MD, PhD and DSc) has specialties in ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery- Paris, Aeronautic and Cosmonautic Medicine-Paris, Human Biology-Paris, Biological Physico Chemistry-Paris and Ex-Associated Prof. of Informatics-Nancy