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Huge aneurysmal bone cyst mimicking a kidney tumor: Case report and review of literature

2nd International Conference on Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric Medicine

October 05-06, 2017 Las Vegas, USA

Ahmad Alsaleh, Salah Termos, Haithem Rifaii, Nijmeh Hammoud-Termos and Bilal Aoun

Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Lebanon
Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

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Abstract :

Introduction: Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) is an uncommon osteolytic lesion that occurs in 1.4 per 100,000 patients. ABCs are benign tumors with low risk of malignant transformation (osteosarcoma). Case report: We report a case of a large ABC of the 4th lumbar vertebra resembling a kidney mass that was presented with flank pain, urinary incontinence and neurological symptoms. Discussion: Recurrence rate in ABC is 25% if not completely removed. Aggressive curettage with bone grafting or en bloc resection is usually recommended. Angiography was initially performed and due to the absence of mass hypervascularity, embolization was not considered and the patient underwent a complete resection in two stages. Conclusion: ABC can mimic renal cell carcinoma and other malignant bone tumors. In huge tumors with a difficult location as in our case, we recommend a two stage procedure for huge tumors to ensure a complete resection and hence lower recurrence rate and better outcome.

Biography :

Ahmad Alsaleh is currently working as an eminent Faculty member at Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Lebanon. He has published numerous research papers and articles in reputed journals and has various other achievements in the related studies. He has extended his valuable service towards the scientific community with his extensive research work.