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How do I treat atopic dermatitis

5th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Dermatology

July 13-15, 2015 New Orleans, USA

Jan D Bos

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res

Abstract :

First of all, there is no consensus as to the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis. Many believe that it is a clinical diagnosis for which no testing is necessary. Others believe that it is essential to prove that the patient is truly atopic, by showing atopen specific IgE. If not present, a diagnosis of atopiform dermatitis should be made, and future avoidance of important allergens has no place. Treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD) depends on its severity. First of all, patients need to be instructed about the necessity to keep the skin in a good condition, avoiding excessive water and soap exposure. Although atopic dermatitis is part of the atopic syndrome, avoidance of allergens does not seem to help. But on the other hand, as many patients have other problems being atopic, such as asthma and rhinitis, avoidance of so called aeroallergens should be advised. Also, it is believed that patients with AD have a dry skin, for which emollients are generally given. There are many modalities available for the active treatment of AD. Their use depends on age and severity. In some countries, guidelines have been developed. Specific modalities are tar preparations and topical corticosteroids in various strengths. In severe cases, oral prednisone or cyclosporins have a place. Finally, the so called biologics are underway.

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