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Health literacy needs of women living with HIV/AIDS

2nd International Conference on Retroviruses and Novel Drugs

June 30-July 01, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa

Judy Thompson

Healthnicon Private Higher Nursing Education Institution, Gauteng, South Africa

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Abstract :

Women in Sub-Saharan Africa are disproportionately affected by the HIV and constitute 60% of the total HIV/AIDS infections in this region. The study explored the health literacy needs of women living with HIV through semistructured interviews. The findings revealed that the women expressed a need to increase their knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The knowledge they needed ranged from basic pathophysiology about HIV/AIDS, to the impact of HIV/AIDS on their health, to an awareness of the modes of HIV transmission and methods of protecting others from being infected. Other important health literacy needs related to self-care and correct antiretroviral use. A need for psychosocial skills was also identified in order for women to build and maintain their relationships. The involvement of people living with HIV in the development of educational programmes specifically for people living with the virus have proven successful. Recommendations were made for nursing practice, education and further research, based on these findings.

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