HCV related thrombocytopenia
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Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases
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HCV related thrombocytopenia

International Conference on Leukemia and Hematologic Oncology

October 17-18, 2016 Rome, Italy

Alaa Efat Abdelhamid, Ali Zaki Galal, Sabry Abdullah Shoieb, Mohammed Abdelhafez, Nahla Fekry, Waleed Shehab Eldin and Walaa Metwally

Menofia University, Egypt

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Abstract :

Background: PRL is involved in the activation of many immunological responses, it enhances the progression of the immune process in autoimmune diseases. Autoimmunity is a common finding in chronic hepatitis C. There is a significant association between HPRL and infection with HCV genotype 3. Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate serum levels of prolactin in a group of patients with HCV-related thrombocytopenia compared with patients with HCV and normal persons. Methods: This study was carried at Internal Medicine Department, Menoufia University Hospital from the period of May 2014 till December 2014. Subjects were calssified into group I: 41 chronic hepatitis C patients with thrombocytopenia; group II: 35 chronic hepatitis C patients without thrombocytopenia and group III: 25 control healthy individuals of matched sex and age. Results: This study detected moderate hyperprolactinemia in patients with HCV-related thrombocytopenia and it was significantly higher than in patients with chronic hepatitis C patients without thrombocytopenia and than controls. Conclusion: HCV related thrombocytopenia is a major challenge especially in areas with high infection prevalence rate and the viral infection itself causes immune disturbances as direct action or by disturbing other systems and inflammatory state.

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