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Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications

Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications
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Green industrial revolution

World Congress and Exhibition on Wind & Renewable Energy

July 28-30, 2016 Berlin, Germany

Woodrow Clark II

Clark Strategic Partners, USA

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Abstract :

â�?�?The Green Industrial Revolutionâ�? (GIR) is a major paradigm changer in that it examines globally what is already one of the most transformative changes in world history. The GIR argues that countries around the world have already moved dramatically from their dependency over the last century, on carbon-based energy generation to one powered by renewable energy in order provide the means that are both economical and mitigate against climate change. While others have written about climate change and renewable energy, this book integrates the individual industrial sectors together within the context of major public policy, economic, environmental and social change, in order to grow a â�?�?greenâ�? economy in all areas of industrial development from automobiles and construction to electronics and systems which all depend on energy. Additionally, there are 18 cases from around the world about the GIR in the Appendix. Renewable energy (when including hydro-electric power from dams) currently represents little more than six percent of the worldâ�?�?s energy generation. The GIR warns, as Clark did in two other books about the â�?�?next economicsâ�?, whereby the promoters of â�?�?clean energyâ�? need to be watched carefully, especially about when these terms are noted as â�?�?a transitionâ�? technology to renewable energy on-site power with storage for homes, buildings and communities. Clean energy and transitional periods must be defined, measured and understand with all of their â�?�?externalitiesâ�?�?. The GIR has already begun in other developed and developing countries around the world, to set a higher measurable standard for all nations.

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