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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Gold happy lift is true rejuvenation lift

Asia-Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetology Conference


Jong Hwan Kim

Mirae Medical Center, Republic of Korea

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res

Abstract :

There are a lot of facial rejuvenation methods, but, most of them aim to hide wrinkles so that there are many different problems. Gold happy lift procedures have been performed over the last 16 years and numerous procedures have been analyzed. Therefore, the researcher tries to report gold happy lift which makes an ageing face young without any side effects. It is true facial rejuvenation, which is completely different from other methods that aim to hide wrinkles to make an aging skin look young. The gold happy lift uses two types of threads which is gold thread and happy thread. The two types of threads have complementary effect. Therefore, the most important factors of facial rejuvenation, which is lifting and revitalization, occur at the same time. In order to make a face full of life force on the basis of the definition of a young face, three factors should be continued to achieve at the same time. The first one is to provide the effect of reducing gravity, second one is to stimulate skin tissues to generate skin cells and the third one is to actively provide nutrition. The happy thread of gold happy lift is used to give the effect of reducing gravity and generate skin cells and the gold thread is used to provide nutrition. After having incisional facial lift operations for 10 years, the researcher has performed gold happy lift operations with non-incisional face lift with threads over the last 16 years. The result of the analysis on gold happy lift is presented as follows: First, if the facial rejuvenation procedure is performed according to the definition of a young face, it is possible to make true rejuvenation and keep a young face long time. Second, it is better to avoid incisional face lift as most as possible, if unnecessary. Third, making a face look voluminous artificially is not helpful for true rejuvenation. Fourth, a facial operation should be performed after a thorough review of its influence on skin metabolism. Fifth, an excellent facial rejuvenation method should be making better facial expression. Sixth, after procedure that makes a face full of life force, the facial skin should be more moisturized and a young face should be kept long time. These effects of gold happy lift are made by two types of threads which work on a face ceaselessly 24 hours a day. After the facial procedure, a face experiences such changes sequentially: Right after the procedure, a loosened face is lifted; gets moisturized and bright; is tightened and gradually lifted more and more; and gets smaller and vivid facial expression. These effects continue to be made for 2-3 years. As a result, gold happy lift makes an ageing face younger about 10 years and its effects continue to be made long time. Patients who had gold happy lift procedure have long been observed. As a result, patients who had gold thread implantation on their hair loss region of brow and furthermore gained more hairs on the frontal line. The hair-gain effect of gold thread was proved in animal and clinical experiments. In this aspect, it will be necessary to conduct more experimental hair research for the pattern hair loss using phototrichogram.

Biography :

Jong Hwan Kim has completed an Internship and Residency in Orthopedic Surgery. He has built the Gold House Happy Clinic to commemorate the gold happy lift. Additionally, he was appointed as a Special Advisor at the Japanese Gold Thread Cosmetics Association and as an Honorary Professor at Beihua University in China.