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GOD BRAIN REALITY invention and the cancer recovery therapy as its first application by Ileana Loreley Nedelcu ½

Webinar on Psychology 2021 & Euro Nursing 2021 & Nephrology 2021

November 24-25, 2021 WEBINAR

Ileana Loreley Nedelcu

University of Politehnic Bucharest, Romania

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Psychol Psychother

Abstract :

Description: A psychological, yet spiritual, and a medical procedure helping the entire health process of curing in post-cancer-medical therapy stage of the recovery and many other diseases' stages, in which the mind of the patient is in good health for integrating what the religions and science (coming together can bring superlative results in the efficiency of the supporting recovery from cancer therapies, by the intuition of the religion's super powers of God), are bringing together through the God-Brain Reality invention, that God is actually our own Brain with super powers! Abstract: There are places on Earth in which there is no electricity, but they have a religion, a belief, in one God or in many and always as an external force. There are places on Earth where Science is something that they heard about, but the religion, the beliefs are their ruling God, their science, their Savior, their everything that keeps them in hope but also in a bond with that external force. The meta-analysis on the efficiency of the psychological therapies on cancer patients showed in Canada that as fast as a patient is relying on his own capabilities more than on the external supporters after the medical care is finished, as fast as they cure themselves. In other words as fast as the patients are succeding to be out of the natural bond created between the patient and the team, or at least one of the medical care members, as fast their God is going to be in charge. Meaning their own brain's capabilities will be in charge to support better the natural regulation of the body and the coming back faster to the energy levels of the health state of the body. Having all these in mind and underlying the reality that GOD is actually the humanity's intuition of its own brain projected in the outer world, the GOD-Brain Reality become the most wanted reality that will help the patient and all the procedures involved medically, psychologically for the greatest benefits of the patient's recovery. The GOD BRAIN reality can be set in practice through a virtual reality device as well as through a classic interaction human to human. Intention of joining: For all the reasons any participant would have, from connecting with the field of interested medical professionals experts, collaborators, institutions for researching and putting everything together for a better world with a bigger awareness of our Brain's capabilities in our own recovery from every disorder or disease.

Biography :

Ileana Loreley Nedelcu has completed Bachelor Degree in Automation & Computer Science – University of Politehnic Bucharest, Romania & L'Ecole Universitaire de Lille, France and Bachelor Degree in Psychology University of Bucharest, Romania