Gene expression of PTPN-22 in Iranian patients with alopecia area | 9013
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Immunome Research
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Gene expression of PTPN-22 in Iranian patients with alopecia areata

8th Molecular Immunology and Immunogenetics Congress

March 20-21, 2017 Rome, Italy

Reyhaneh Abgoon, Reza Akbarzadeh and Akram Sadat Tabatabaei Panah

Islamic Azad University, Iran
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Iran

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Immunome Res

Abstract :

Objective: In present study, effect of PTPN22 gene expression was investigated in Iranian AA patients and their respective controls. Background: Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune multifactorial disease characterized by hair loss especially from the scalp affecting approximately 5.3 million people. The gene encoding the protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 22 (PTPN22), which is exclusively expressed in immune cells, has been considered as a risk factor associated with the pathogenesis of AA. Methods: The study group consisted of 30 patients with AA (13 female and 17 male, mean age 26.3�?±12.5) and 15 (5 female and 10 male, mean age 30�?±5.88) healthy controls. RNA was extracted from blood sample. Thereafter, cDNA was synthesized after RNA isolation. PTPN22 expression levels were measured by real-time PCR. Furthermore, association of this PTPN22 with some baseline clinical and demographical features was assessed. Results: PTPN22 expression levels of patients with AA were significantly higher (4.6�?±3.8) than those in controls (1.14�?±0.56) (p value=0.01). PTPN22 expression was only associated with the sex of the AA patients. Conclusion: In the present study, a significant association was found between PTPN22 gene expression and susceptibility to alopecia areata.

Biography :

Reyhaneh Abgoon has received her Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Azad University. Her research interests include immunology, molecular immunology, especially autoimmune diseases. She is working as a supervisor in Banej Elixir molecular research institute in Tehran. She has presented several research abstracts about alopecia areata which is an autoimmune disease at various international conferences.