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Gender disparity in the wake of the pandemic: examining the increased mental health risks of substance use disorder and interpersonal violence for women

10th Annual Congress on Mental Health

March 09, 2023 | Webinar

Karen Perham-Lippman

Eastern University & Community College of Denver, USA

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Abstract :

The global COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted women compared to men in the workplace, creating gender disparity associated with mental health. In occupational fields where women comprise nearly three quarters of the workforce, outcomes of increased depression and psychological distress have resulted, creating even greater gender disparity in terms of mental health risks. These include an exponential increase in substance use associated with mental health issues for which continued stigma and negative perceptions of mental health conditions and substance use have prevented the pursuit of treatment. Further, the increased occurrence of interpersonal violence experienced by women during COVID-19 also presents considerable comorbidity with mental health issues. Research also shows a significant relationship for women between severe intimate partner violence and substance use. It is imperative that gender disparity associated with mental health risks be addressed within the current crisis and that we better prepare for the future to ensure inclusive and accessible resources within workplaces and improved behavioral health outcomes.

Biography :

In addition to being an award-winning speaker, strategist, practitioner, scholar, and published author, she has 15 yrs. experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, community outreach, and employee engagement. Her consultancy experience includes non-profit, business, state government, and municipalities; leading supplier diversity & ESG for a US-based utility, and previously leading inclusion, diversity, and belonging for a global technology company. She has designed and delivered inclusive synchronous & asynchronous graduate and undergraduate courses on communications, human resource development, recruitment, retention, on boarding, performance management, talent development, coaching and mentoring, governance, and diversity & inclusion. A first-generation college student, she is an adjunct professor with the community college of Denver’s Centre for business, industry, technology & public service. She received her certified diversity professional credentials from Cornell University and is a Ph.D. candidate at Eastern University. She was appointed by the governor in 2021 to Colorado’s business experiential learning commission.