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Annals and Essences of Dentistry

Annals and Essences of Dentistry
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GCF a liquid biopsy tool for periodontal disease diagnosis

Proceedings of Advanced Dentistry 2021 & Prosthodontics 2021

March 24-25, 2021 WEBINAR

Tauqeer Fatima

Bahria University Medical And Dental college, Pakistan

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Abstract :

The methodologies applicable for the evaluation of periodontal associated diseases are constantly evolving to provide quick, realistic, and scientifically proven results. Trends in the past followed a clinical evaluation of periodontal tissues and radiographic-based reports that formed the foundation for the detection of diseases involving the structures supporting the teeth. As the confines and limitations of conventional strategies became obvious over the passage of time, hand-in-hand variety of techniques have evolved and experimentally justified. These improvisations are based on an improved understanding of the periodontal-pathogenic cascade. Periodontal pathogenesis and a paradigm shift from disease understanding to disease prevention and treatment entail few prerequisites that demand the objectivity of diagnostics procedure that includes sensitivity and specificity along with an explanation of the intensity of the disease, Gingival crevicular fluid an oral bio-fluid resides in the close proximity with gingival tissues have been widely used to understand and differentiate the periodontal health and diseased states. The biomarkers present in the GCF can be a reliable tool to detect the minute changes seen in the disease processes. The GCF consists of various host and bacterialderived products as well as biomarkers which in turn can be evaluated for the diagnosis, prognosis as well as management of the periodontal disease. Thus, the review aims at describing GCF as a potential oral biofluid helpful in differentiating periodontal health and disease status.

Biography :

She completed her graduation and post graduation (periodontology) from Dow university of Health sciences. Currently serving at Bahria university medical and dental college, karachi , Pakitan.

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