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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Fue-Hair transplantation vs combo method

International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetic Dermatology & Hair Care

December 07-08, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

V Hari Kumar

Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon, India

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Abstract :

Hair restoration by Transplantation is the permanent, relatively safest solution for the baldness. Follicular Unit Extraction FUE,, being a scar less procedure is widely accepted and routinely done HT surgery by us. Easy recoveries, negligible pain, early resume to normal work are the noticeable benefits. Scar of FUT-strip method, presence of limited donor area due to final grades of baldness and previous surgery scars.. And also, in clients with tight scalp, keloid propensity, feasibility of hair from non-scalp hair bearing body areas are better suited for this procedure. Athletes, Clients of Medical tourism, who are with fear of pain & surgery, in case of OT assistant��?s scarcity it works well.. Early stages of baldness requiring up to 1500 grafts are better candidates. High cost, need of high skilled surgeon, larger area of baldness requiring grafts more than 1500 are the limiting factors. BHT-Body Hair Transplantation where body and beard hair can be utilized for the crown and hair line design. Rest of the mid section and frontal forelock can be done with the permanent hair which is available from Hormone resistant existing safe donor area on the back of the head as a Day care Procedure. Combination of FUE & FUT Net yield will be more, extraction and surgeon��?s time can be minimized, tension on the scar will be less and double &triple FU extraction can be done under vision. Number of sessions can be reduced and Trichophytic closure after strip favors the growth of hair on the scar line.

Biography :

Dr.V.Hari Kumar, MBBS, MS (Gen Surg.) (M.Ch Plastic) FIAGES, an Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon works as a Chief Consultant at B-Perfect Aesthetic Solutions, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India. He is an Asst. Professor at Deccan Medical College and passionately trains the Doctors& Surgeons in his self-chosen field of Creative Anti Ageing & Inner Cosmetics. He received Commendation Certificate (Best Doctor Award) twice during 2003-05 for his extensive Medico-Spiritual Holistic Health Service Activities to beautify not only outer but also inner Personality. He has authored three books & compiled 40 DVDs on Art & Science of Anti Ageing-Inner Cosmetics-Longevity- Holistic Living. His Enthralling & Energetic Live Telecasts & Debates in more than 30 Television Channels, on subjects like Medico-Spiritual Anti Ageing, Life Skills, Holistic Health helped many viewers especially Health & Success lovers.. His presentations in National & International Conferences and several Spirituous-Scientific publications add to his credit and are a Visiting Professor & guest speaker to many Organizations.