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Four-patient case series and literature review for Progressive transformation of germinal centers (PTGC), single-center experience


July 11, 2022 | Webinar

Wahib Sray Aldeen Salman

Shiekh khalifa speciality hospital, UAE

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Abstract :

Introduction: Progressive transformation of germinal centers (PTGCs) is a benign lymph node illness that is only infrequently linked to Hodgkin's disease. The majority of patients are young adults with unexplained, asymptomatic, localized or widespread lymphadenopathy that is frequently persistent or reoccure over a long period of time, makes patient victim of misdiagnosis or mismanagement. This patients case series aims to focus on the (PTGCs) and lymphoma relationship, helping in illuminating the challengesfaced byphysicans and providing some suggestiones on how to improve our follow ups to patients with (PTGCs). During the initial visit, three of four patients were diagnosed and undergoing regular follow-up in our center, while only one patient was diagnosed outside and received rituximab for an unknown reason. All of the patients are young adult’s male, two patients have isolated neck lymph node involvement while the other two have a widespread pattern. Only one patient had symptomatic generalized body ache, fatigability, and night sweat.their Follow-ups were ongoing since 2017 by PET CT with neither interval changes nor progression.there was one case that was associated with malignancy who had relapsed Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and underwent Bone Marrow Transplantation ,PET CT showed decreased intensity of the involoved lymph nodes, and other patient who had widespread lymphadenopathy had massive spontaneous elimination. Conclusion: PTGC and lymphoma sharing the same manifestations appearance, and catachrestic features that leading to a confusion during the diagnosis and the management. In spite its considered as non pre-malignant condition,there is a small risk for developing Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL) or another lymphoma, therefore the best part in the management is early appropriate diagnosis and close long follow-up.

Biography :

Dr. Salman Wahib Sray Aldeen, At the age of 25, he graduated from Damascus University in Syria with an M.D. He also earned a master's degree in hematology/ medical oncology there in 2013. He is currently a specialist in medical oncology and hematology at Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital in the UAE.