Fetus-In-Fetu: Case report from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and revie | 20208
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Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access
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Fetus-In-Fetu: Case report from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and review of the literature

12th World Pediatric Congress

December 13-15, 2018 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ubaid Ullah Khan

Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Clin Pediatr

Abstract :

Fetus in Fetu (FIF) is a rare congenital anomaly in which a malformed parasitic twin is found within the body of a living child or adult. In this case report, a new born male child presented with a large abdominal mass and diagnosed on routine screening investigation at our nursery unit. Imaging studies confirmed the presence of a large retroperitoneal fetus in fetu with significant mass effect of the adjacent structures. A surgical resection was performed and pathology confirmed the diagnosis. These rare cases have less frequently reported and a review of the literature show up to 200 cases which describe the demographics, updated genetic findings, pathology and outcomes of this unusual tumor. Recent revive of past literature does not show any case report from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In contrast, will also discuss cases such as off fail parasitic twining and teratomas that may warrant a longer follow-up.

Biography :

Ubaid Ullah Khan is currently working as a Pediatric Surgeon in Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia. He has completed his Master Degree from Quide- Azam postgraduate medical college, PIMS,Islamabad in 2010. Then he continued his EBPS in UK from 2013-2014. He is a dedicated and committed employee of Al Hada Hospital and is striving to achieve its vision of providing excellence in healthcare.