Evaluation of a conscious control for unmanned autonomous driving vehicles
Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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ISSN: 2167-7670

Evaluation of a conscious control for unmanned autonomous driving vehicles

5th International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile and Mechanical Engineering

September 20-21, 2018 | Rome, Italy

Joseph Volkan Ozcan

İzmir University of Economics, Turkey

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Abstract :

With the evolution of mobile processor technology and applied features in artificial intelligence, especially in machine learning area allows us to create autonomous driving cars as a reality in our lives. With the acceptance of a car very familiar like a weapon in most of the cultures, autonomous driver engines always seek to protect the owner of the car‚??s life in case of any accident or immediate decision making progress while driving. This different vendors and different structured AI engines has its own ethic principles and survive thrills so within a manned drive and unmanned autonomous drive car, hybrid environment becomes a drastic problem to evaluate the contradictions and coordination rules. Here a question arises like in case of an accident between two autonomous cars, insurance companies will subject to charge the other side according to which principle? They will subject to same principles and regulations with the manned drive car or we should evaluate a new justice system for AI Engines. If any of driver does not apply the latest updates for his car and AI Engine that severally responsibility to the owner/driver or manufacturer? Also in disaster scenarios or emergency situations we need a centralized management platform to overrule internal AI Engine survive codes and optimization rules that just motives its own vehicle. So we need to identify an interactive communication, listening, ordering and obeying rules that will manipulate the whole traffic. Let‚??s assume an English autonomous car driving in New York, like the song I am an alien a legal alien I am an English man in New York. Tomorrow will not be easy and technological barriers and engineering problems are just the beginning we need more interaction from philosophy, sociology, anthropology and ethics to create a better organized human, humanoid, android, AI world. In our university we create a multidisciplinary project team to evolve the tomorrow‚??s world with the tomorrow‚??s adults Generation Z and Generation AI. We would like to build cooperation with other universities and institutes for these studies. In my Innovation in technology management class we are creating a framework for autonomous car and social/legal implications.

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