Efficacy of short course of Preksha Dhyan for functional abdomina | 59357
Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access

Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access
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ISSN: 2572-0775

Efficacy of short course of Preksha Dhyan for functional abdominal pain disorder in a busy pediatric clinic

Joint Meet on 29th International Conference on Clinical Pediatrics & 41st Euro Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy

June 23-24 | WEBINAR

Akshay D Mehta

Duke University, USA

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Abstract :

Mind Body Techniques such as Meditation improve symptoms in children and adults with IBS. Typical courses, however, are lengthy and difficult to administer. We report our experience with a cost-effective short course of Preksha Dhyana (PD), a child friendly focussed meditation with Yoga. Method: Physicians delivered focussed meditation while Medical assistants taught yoga. Three sessions were administered biweekly with recommendations for daily practice. Pain severity likert scores were compared with a treatment as usual (TAU) historical control. Anxiety scores were compared from baseline in PD group. Results: 30 PD patients aged 9-17 (20 female) and 52 consecutive TAU group aged 5-17 (33 female) were reviewed. The biweekly sessions had high (71%) completion rates. Utilization rates of PD were similar to TAU despite added sessions. PD group had an average time of follow up of 8.9 +/- 9.4 vs 6.0 +/-3.9 months in the TAU group (p=0.522). Changes in Pain scores from baseline showed improvement in the PD group 0.67 +/-0.13 vs TAU 1.39+/-0.11 (p=0.0003). In the PD group, Anxiety scores improved significantly from baseline ( 1.5 vs 1, P<0.001). Pain improved in 28/30 and resolved in 14/30. Conclusion: Short course of PM was successfully embedded in a busy Pediatric Office without additional staffing. The approach proved cost effective without increasing overall healthcare utilization, and showed significant benefits over TAU. Pending RCT confirmation, this offers a cost effective method to incorporate MBTs in pediatric office practice.

Biography :

Akshay D Mehta has completed his BA at the age of 22 years from Duke University. He has majored in computer science and minored in Chemistry and Economics, and is a trainer of Perkshya Dhyana. Prior to setting up the program being reported, he has also taught Preksha Dhyana in schoolchildren with ADHD in Ecuador and India and presented his work at conferences.