Effect of the use of pacifier in the anterior open bite at two ye | 19485
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Effect of the use of pacifier in the anterior open bite at two years of age

20th International Conference on Pediatrics & Primary Care

September 03-04, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Hernan Villalon-Urrutia, Rosenberg-Pacareu Javiera, Pinto Mauricio, Silva Cristian, Castellanos Marcela, Escobar Juan Jose and Rybertt Freddie

Clinica Las Condes, Chile

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Abstract :

Introduction: Pacifier, a wide spread habit in our country. The main use is to ease the calm in a restless or irritable child. There is no consensus among Chilean pediatricians in withdrawal prescription. At two years of age, anatomic sequelae could be identified, such as a dental malocclusion syndrome: anterior open bite. Aim: To assess the prevalence of anterior open bite at two years of age and pacifier influence. Methods: 82 Children, median age of 24 months (23-27), were assessed in an outpatient clinic at two years of age, throughout a 15 months period. Occurrence of open bite and use of pacifier was recorded. Pacifier influence was evaluated through a casecontrol study. Statistical analysis was conducted with Epi Info 3. Results: Open bite was observed in 53.7% of children (47/82, 53.7% vs. 35/82, 43.7%, NS) and use of a pacifier in 61% (50/82 vs. 39%, 32/82, p<0.05). Open bite was recorded in 97.9% of children exposed to pacifier and 2.1% in those unexposed (46/47, 97.9% vs. 1/47, 2.1%, p<0.01). Risk of malocclusion in exposed children was 92% (80.6-97.3) vs. 3.1% in unexposed (0.0-17.1), p<0.01. Risk difference between both groups was 88.9% (79.2-98.5). OR (CI 95%) for anterior open bite in children using pacifier at two years is 356 (38.03-3342), p<0.0001. Conclusion: Children exposed to a pacifier at two years of age have a high risk of anterior open bite. More studies are needed to know the real dimension of this problem. Nevertheless, it should be discouraged after one year of age.

Biography :

Hernan Villalon-Urrutia is a Physician, qualified Surgeon at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 1987. He is a Specialist in Paediatrics and Neonatology. He is Professor of Paediatrics at University of Chile. His research interest is in the field of Neonatology and early Parenting. He has presented more than 100 research papers in national and international conferences and publications.