Earthquake precursors’ detection from space – Possible mission analysis
Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering

Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
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Earthquake precursors’ detection from space – Possible mission analysis

International Conference and Exhibition on Satellite

August 17-19, 2015 Houston, USA

Valery Korepanov

Lviv Center of Institute for Space Research, Ukraine

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Aeronaut Aerospace Eng

Abstract :

The ionospheric precursors of earthquakes (EQ) are now the recent challenge in this hazard evaluation. The future space missions optimized for the study of these precursors are under wide discussion nowadays. There is necessary to answer two important questions before to plan any experiment to study ionospheric precursors of EQ. First one – whether the variations in the ionosphere definitely connected with the EQ preparation process do exist, and the second one – if they do, whether using these signals, the precursors of EQ can be reliably identified and used for, if not prediction, for the warning that the EQ in the given area approaches. To answer these questions, the available information about the EQ-connected signals collected in former spatial experiments, mainly in DEMETER, is analyzed. Possible mechanisms of energy transfer from EQ preparation area to the ionosphere are reviewed and the mostly supported ones - FWC and AGW – are discussed. Most probable, real lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling includes several mechanisms and in dependence of momentary factors one or other prevails. The main physical values are proposed which would be advisable to monitor in the planned spatial mission in order to try to increase the EQ precursors’ detection rate. The instrumentation composition for such study is discussed and it is stressed that the monitoring of such parameters has to be made minimum in two, better in three points. The very low price multi-points space experiment realization possibility is discussed.

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