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Journal of Women's Health Care
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Dramatic outcome of the delivery as the result of doctor-patient communication insufficiency: Case report

World Congress On Fetal & Maternal Medicine

October 05-06, 2018 Osaka, Japan

Ewa Kurowska

Medicover Hospital, Poland

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Abstract :

Minimally invasive procedures has become preferable method of treatment because of its indubitable advantages such as less postoperative pain, short hospital stay, fast convalescence and small, invisible scars. But those advantages may become disadvantages with potential dramatic outcome at the same time, because of patients�?? impression of light, small and not dangerous procedure which is not worth to be mentioned during medical interview. Frequency of uterine rupture during pregnancy is evaluated at 0.006-0.0125%. It rises during the labor to even 0.06%. The most common risk factor is previous cesarean section or other uterine surgery like myomectomy or hysteroscopic resection. As the first surgery is rather hard to miss, the next two, especially laparoscopic myomectomy can be forgotten by the patient. Because of obstetric and neonatal serious consequences we should pay very close attention to what and how we are asking patients about. We would like to present a case of primigravida, who was admitted to our Department because of short strong abdominal pain ca35 weeks of gestational age. She was in good general condition but because of rupture of the uterus and ablation of the placenta we diagnosed fetal death. Insufficiency of communications between doctor and patient may lead to fetal death and dramatic rescue patient�??s procedure. We have to understand that important and obvious situations for doctor are not equal with patient�??s priorities. That is why it is necessary to ask specific and simple questions during medical interview to make sure of detailed information.

Biography :

Ewa Kurowska is an Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant in Medicover Hospital, Warsaw, Poland. She is the Head Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.