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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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Diabetes mellitus is one cause for low immunity, so diabetes patients are risk factors for delay awakening after general anesthesia

4th International Conference and Exhibition on Immunology

September 28-30, 2015 Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks, Houston, TX, USA

Zekariyas Tadesse Asfaw

Debra Berhan Referral Hospital, Ethiopia

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Clin Cell Immunol

Abstract :

Background: In GUH (Gondar University Hospital) large number of surgery is done annually, among these most are done under general anesthesia. Post-operative delayed awakening is one problem of patients who have surgery under general anesthesia. Most commonly, delayed awakening is due to drugs effects persistence, duration and the type of anesthetic given, potentiating by other drugs, prolonged NM blockade, metabolic and endocrinal disorders, electrolyte and acid-base disorders and hypothermia may cause delayed emergence from anesthesia. Objective: The objective of this research is to determine the prevalence and associated risk factors of delayed awakening in patients who will be operated under general anesthesia in GUH. Method: This research was conducted by a cross sectional method of study design by observing and interviewing after GA. Data was collected by self-administered structured questionnaire. The data was be collected by the investigators to decrease the none response rate. The data was cleaned, edited, cheked for completeness and entered in to SPSS version 20 for analysis. The result was presented with tables and graphs. Result: A total of 151 patients were involved with completed data for the study. Out of these majority of them 93 (61.6 %) are males. Of these 14(9.3%) were 14 years and below, 68(45.0%) were between 25-44 years and 11(7.3%) were 65 years and above. Almost around (94.7 %) had normal BMI. From those the overall prevalence of delayed awakening from general anesthesia is 8(5.3 %). From those three fourth of them were in age between 25-64 years and only 25% were above 64 years. Seven of the study participants had 30 minutes to 1 hr delay of awakening from anesthesia. But only one study subject had more than 1 hr delay of awakening. Conclusion: The overall prevalence of delayed awakening from general anesthesia in the current study is 5.3 %. Age, BMI, abdominal surgical procedure, surgical duration, taking opoiod medication, anesthetic agents, hypothermia and coexisting diseases seems like a riskfactors for delayed awakening from general anesthesia.

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