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Developmental group psychotherapy for young people who repeatedly self harm

International Conference on Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

June 13-14, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Gemma Trainor

Greater Manchester West Mental Health Trust, UK
Manchester University, UK

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Abstract :

Developmental group psychotherapy is a group treatment co designed by the presenter. This innovative programme was devised for young people aged 12 to 18 who repeatedly self harm. This presentation will look at the scale of the problems in the UK of young people who self harm. The research to date and will conclude with a workshop describing the treatment itself and how it is used in Practice. The treatment has been the subject of 3 Randomised Controlled Trials in the UK and in Australia.. There will be an opportunity to practice skills and additional personal testimonies from the young people themselves. The background and context will be described and details of the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The themes typically facing these youths are weaved into the treatment modality and techniques and skills identified to explore the dilemmas. The approach is an eclectic model and relys heavily on the well known curative factors of group Psychotherapy described by Yalom plus the use of CBT and DBT skills. The initial trial proved to have a significantly statistical effect on reducing self harm ,depressive symptomatology and improve overall global functioning for the youths who took part in the group. It has been referenced in the UK NICE guidelines to be offered to young people who repeatedly self harm.

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