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Dental caring in covid-19 pandemic era

9th World Summit on Dentistry and Oral Health & 7th Annual Conference on Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Osteoporosis

APRIL 22, 2022 | WEBINAR

Hidayah Mohammed Elyas

Nahda College, Sudan

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Abstract :

Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, with a citywide shutdown and social distancing measures that applied firmly. This pandemic delayed access to necessary dental and medical treatment significantly. Indeed dentists faced difficulty to deal with some patients in their clinics due to dental anxiety and phobia, fear of contagion by covid-19 added more obstacles to the field. Dental caring should done with a balance between the need to provide necessary services while minimizing risk to patients and dentists (benefit Vs. risk).Some dentists found epidemic of cracked teeth, correlated with covid-19 and they stated the causes behind that are stress and insomnia among the general population. Using additional infection control practices during the covid-19 pandemic is highly recommended as a part of routine dental care. Virtual technologies, teledentistry, and the provision of online care are other options for providing dental care while keeping the distance between patient and dentist especially in caring the non-emergent cases. Some dentists contact their patients prior to dental treatment to screen them for symptoms consistent with covid-19 via telephone. Patient with covid-19 symptoms are avoided nonemergent care. Mostly dentists delay the dental care until their patients ended the isolation period. In emergency cases (trauma, bleeding, swelling and pain) that need in-office treatment, application of PPE (Personal protective equipment), physical distancing and AGPs (Aerosol generating procedures) is mandatory. Maintaining oral health is required that directly increase the urgent need for building up a protocol for management, with dental team protection. In post-vaccinate era, still we need more researches to understand all circumstances. Missing of a sound knowledge create inconvenient situation for both health care providers and general public in this regard.

Biography :

Hidayah Mohammed Elyas has completed her master degree at the age of 35 years from Riyadh Elm University formal (Riyadh colleges of dentistry and pharmacy) KSA. She was the director of oral radiology courses in Riyadh Elm University, KSA. She was a clinical coordinator, judge in Annual Research Day and supervising more than nine graduation researches some of them published and participated in international conferences and ranked the first one. She participated in many conferences as speaker. Finally has been serving as reviewer member of reputed Journal in KSA. Now she worked in Sudan in Nahda College as course director of oral medicine and oral radiology, and contributor in oral pathology course and she represent education development center (EDC) member of dentistry program in Nahda College, Sudan.

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