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Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy

Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy
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Create, promote and deliver: How to bring effective positive psychology programs to businesses, schools, non-profit and other organizations?

17th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

May 01-03, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Braco Pobric

High Impact Consulting, Training and Coaching Division, USA

Keynote: J Psychol Psychother

Abstract :

This workshop is designed for aspiring coaches and teachers looking to bring positive psychology programs for corporations, small businesses and schools. In this interactive session, participants will learn how to begin developing their own ideas and proposals for potential clients-and how to present those programs effectively. The session is divided into three major parts and a short research section: In the create section, we will discuss the basics of how to design a clear but comprehensive workshop program. We will discuss what business leaders are looking to bring to their employees, and how you can build a program around their needs. In the promote section, we will go over the basic marketing skills you will need to convince businesses that you are the right person with the right program for their companies. In the deliver section, we will talk about what makes a great teacher of positive psychology, and how you can prepare others to bring positivity into their professionaland personal-lives. Finally, in a brief research section, we will discuss some of the most important resources (books, articles, etc.) that you can turn to as the foundation for your program. You will also learn how to find additional resources to support your specific efforts. By the end of this fun, interactive, and engaging session, participants will have the basic tools necessary to start developing positive psychology workshops that business leaders will be eager to implement in their offices.

Biography :

Braco Pobric is the bestselling Author of “Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits”. He received a Certificate in Positive Psychology from Dr. Tal Ben Shahar-Wholebeing Institute. He was a Presenter at the Fourth World Congress of Positive Psychology, International Conference on Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, International Festival of Positive Education and teaches Applied Positive Psychology in corporations, public programs and as a Personal Coach. He has over 18,000 registered online students from 155 countries. Formerly, he was a Certified Trainer and Business Coach for Dale Carnegie Training. He is the Director at ICAP and was previously the Vice President at Merrill Lynch and a Manager at KPMG.