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Confessions of a Mindfulness Educator

8th International Conference on Stress, Mindfulness,Meditation and Resilience

November 10-11, 2021 | Webinar

Neil Shepherd

Inner Synergy, Australia

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Abstract :

Why has Mindfulness become so popular now ? This was not always the case, it was seen more of a hippie or cult kind of pursuit. Now it is more mainstream – up with some other things we know are good for us like; exercise, good nutrition and good sleep. Things to help us reset, recharge and recover. Having said that, who is a bit over the term mindfulness ? I know I am, however there is so much more than meets the eye. My courses have referals from Drs, Psychologists, Cardiologists even anger management. Even my health fund is trying to encourage me to meditate ! I have also been approached to mentor a medical Dr - interesting. Many of us know that Mindfulness is basically about being present, (as opposed to the mindless wandering we often do on autopilot). This may sound very obvious and easy, however being so distrable with often “over blown reactions” (as we humans can often be), balanced responses just seem to go out the window. Why is it so hard to be content just “being” without needing our senses constantly entertained ? Join me on a quick journey through a mindfulness educator’s experience. With some observations, anecdotes, some experiential practice and hopefully, the odd resonent moment. With 20 years experience learning and growing in this space personally, and over 5 years experience professionally training and mentoring people in both the corporate and public domains. Maybe it’s time to grow your inner synergy and mind intelligence™ ? With an open mind and an open heart, living mindfully with a values focus, for a more congruent, calm and coherent experience. Mindfulness changed my life and I’ve noticed people I work with evolve. Ask yourself, is it time to be you own change ! Life is to experience - not to just struggle with.

Biography :

Neil is an experienced corporate and public mindfulness educator and mentor. He has studied with number of amazing people including Dr Joe Dispenza the neuroscientist, Dr Russ Harris with Acceptance Commitment Therapy, HeartMath with biofeedback devices and Micheal Bunting with Corporate Mindful Leadership. Neil loves helping people develop in a time where self-awareness, self-regulation, stress management and resilience skills are paramount.

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