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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Complete decongestive therapy: Two different treatments of the leg, achronic lymph edema and an acute post surgery edema

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

May 18-20, 2015 San Antonio, USA

Yvonne Eschke

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Abstract :

In this workshop I will demonstrate and practice two different treatments of lower extremity, contrasting the treatment of a post surgery swelling with the treatment of a chronic lymph edema. We will practice the four different strokes of the Vodder method, applying them on different parts of the body, adjusting pressure, rhythm and the sequence according to the findings and the status quo of the patient. The composition of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage differs depending on whether there are lymph vessels that can work sufficiently or not at all. The therapist has to make the decision if the direction and the chronological order of the treatment have to follow strictly the direction determined by the anatomy of the lymphatic vessel system or have to be kind of off-road and shortest way slowly through the tissue channels of the interstice. According to this differentiation the way of bandaging also is diverging: Which padding is necessary to protect the skin from any strangulation not to constrict the flow of interstitial fluid within the superficial tissue channels. Which padding is necessary to protect bony prominences from rubbing, to leave the patient enough free moving space, to loosen fibrotic tissue. We will discuss this and practice the padding and also the handling with the short stretch bandages to build up high pressure during activity and moderate pressure during rest.

Biography :

Yvonne Eschke is a Physiotherapist since 1996. She completed the Secondary School of Physiotherapy, School Association Wannsee in Berlin (Germany). In 2008 she completed the education for teacher of Manual Lymphatic Drainage/ CDT at Lymphologic Med. Weiterbildungin Aschaffenburg and in Leipzig (Germany). Since 17 years she is working at Praxis Aue in Hamburg (Germany) and since seven years she isteaching in various cities in Germany and giving lectures and workshops in conferences in Brazil, Spain and Austria. Since November 2013 she is studying at Thim International Hoge School voor Fysiotherapie in Utrecht (Netherlands).