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Butts reshaping by chemical myoplasty and myopexy

4th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology

June 22-24, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Alain Tenenbaum

ScientificTracks Abstracts-Workshop: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res

Abstract :

The immediate chemical and medical Gluteopexy is a new weapon for dermatologists, by using the techniques called Endopeel, which have like mechanism of action a myotension, a myoplasty and a myopexy which duration does not exceed 6 months. These techniques can be proposed to patients who wish to get a gluteopexy, to patients who are not candidates for a surgical Gluteoplasty, to patients which refuse suspension threads, to surgeons who want to complete their operation of Gluteoplasty with gluteopexy. The advantages of these techniques are important for the patients, as the immediate effect, the absence of scar, the absence of down time, the absence of social eviction, as the transitory complications which are limited only to short duration edema and ecchymosis. Patients�?? selection �?� All patients who desire a surgical or non-surgical gluteopexy can be candidates, as those not being candidate for any kind of filler(the fillers are too often sources of complications like granulomas, necrosis, migration, nodules etc.), and those wanting to complete or to maintain the benefits of suspension threads .Best indication is not fatty gluteal area, sagging down. �?� Our critter of exclusion: Alcoholic patients, smokers, pregnant women, subjects under 18 years, patients affected with a cardiopathy, nephropathy and liver problems. Benefit and Advantages: �?� The gluteopexy effect is immediate and is perfectly visible 30 minutes after the end of the treatment with a maximum result 2 to 3 days after the procedure. �?� The gluteopexy effect is early and will be relayed by the late peeling effect, specific to the techniques Endopeel. �?� The treatment can be ineffective in 8% of the cases (bad technique). �?� The effectiveness of this treatment increases with the number or the repetition of the procedures because the basic muscular tone will be thus increasingly high on the scale of the tension of this last �?� It is easy to prove objectively the effectiveness of this treatment by treating for example only one side only on the same patient and by making a comparison between the treated side and the controlateral untreated one by pure visual inspection, or by photographic images, or by using points of reference. Results can be not only appreciated by inspection but also by palpation and eventually for very special experts by percussion. �?� These same parameters are taken again to evaluate the duration of the results objectively �?� The procedure is made comfortable for the pusillanimous patients thanks to the special anesthetic gel applied before the Endopeel procedure and giving satisfaction of painless technique to each patient, because the protocol can be adapted perfectly according to the timetable of the patient and also according to his social requirements �?� In the field of safety, so far and since 16 years these techniques started to be used, no legal procedure against a physician using the techniques Endopeel was announced and/or indexed to our knowledge. The only complications met are only transitory, like edema ecchymosis.