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Breast tumour regression using mistletoe extract: An evidence from an Indian clinic

2nd Global Summit on Herbals & Natural Remedies

October 17-19, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sandeep Roy

Rishikesh Hospital, India

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Abstract :

Background: Mistletoe extract use in cancer patients is widely increasing with the upsurge of cancer incidence rates and reduction in survival time of patients. This study was designed to assess the tumour regression in breast cancer patients with the mistletoe extract. Methods: Subjects were designated from outpatient clinic at Rishikesh Hospital, Nashik, INDIA. After giving written informed consent, participants completed a self-administered questionnaire. Twelve patients with histologically confirmed breast cancer tumours of at least 2 cm in diameter received mistletoe extract in an ascending dosage. The tumour was again measured after six months to assess the therapeutic potential of mistletoe extract. Results: The median size of the tumour decreased significantly, from 3.8 cm (range, 1 to 8 cm) to 2 cm (range, 0.1 to 4.8 cm; P < 0.001) on physical examination. Sonographic measurement revealed that, the tumour median size was significantly decreased from 3 cm (range, 0 to 8 cm) to 1.5 cm (range, 0 to 4 cm; P < 0.001). The area of tumour was significantly decreased on physical measurement and sonographic measurement (P < 0.001). The positive nodal status decreased from 66.6 to 41.6 percentages of patients. Conclusion: Mistletoe extract is highly effective and provides a feasible therapeutic option to the clinical oncologist in tumour regression of breast cancer.

Biography :

Sandeep Roy has been practicing in the field of cancer preventition for the past decade. He has taken efforts to create awareness about cancer for the past six years. He is one of the few doctors in India who practices mistletoe therapy and has played an important role in creating awareness of this cost-effective and efficient therapy for cancer patients. He has won recognition for his persistent efforts in creating awareness about cancer, it's symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis.