Breast augmentation tumescent local anaesthesia cohesive gel silicone implants
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Breast augmentation tumescent local anaesthesia cohesive gel silicone implants

4th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology

June 22-24, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Angelo Rebelo

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Abstract :

Breast implants is always a controversial subject, as there are many approaches and opinions vary. The approach via (areolar, infra-mammary, axillary, endoscopic‚?¶), the anaesthesia (general, local‚?¶), the positioning of the implant (retro-glandular, retro-pectoral), and the type of implant (silicone, saline, hydrogel, triglyceride‚?¶). The author prefers and usually uses the following procedure, because of fewer complications and better results. The areolar via - First choice (inferior circun-areolar or trans-areolar of Pitangui) because there is no risk of hypertrophic or keloid scaring and it doesn‚??t disturb the normal breast anatomy and physiology. The criteria, the areola must be at least 3 cm in diameter. According the implant size can be smaller. The retro-glandular placement ‚?? First choice and in almost all cases he prefers this placement because it gives a more natural appearance, there is no discomfort for the patient as in the retro pectoral position and no problem with dislocation of the implant. Tumescent local anaesthesia - If there are no counter-indications he prefers the tumescent local anaesthesia. He uses the modified Klein‚??s formula, 1, 7-2 mm Klein‚??s cannulas and the Byron compressed system. Cohesive gel silicone prosthesis - The author prefers the cohesive gel silicone implants because they are very safe and of excellent quality. Surgical technique/procedure - The incision, approach at aponeurotical level, undermining to perform a pocket at least 2-3 cm bigger than the implant diameter, careful haemostasis, put the implant in place, close by layers. Jackson-Pratt drain is used routinely and removed 24-48 hours after. All patients have a complete clinical history, pre-op routine examinations plus mammography and/or mammary ecography.

Biography :

Angelo Rebelo has concluded his medicine studies in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, Portugal in 1980 and became a specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in 1990. Since 1997 he opened his own outpatient private clinic for aesthetic-plastic surgery in Lisbon, Portugal, in the last 18 years, he‚??s in exclusivity at Clinica Milenio in Lisbon - Portugal, as Clinic Director and Cosmetic Surgeon. He is precursor in several techniques of Cosmetic Surgery performed under Local Tumescent Anaesthesia and outpatient. Internationally, he has been invited to teach and perform several surgical demonstrations in many countries. He is frequently sought out by the medias as an authority in his field. His surgical techniques and advancements have been the subjects of interviews in Portuguese and international media, he‚??s also author of numerous videos, lectures and articles presented at congresses and scientific journals. He is also an active member of several Professional Societies and Associations throughout the world.