Brain-based, mindfully-managed stress counseling: An interpersonal neurobiology based approach to stress counseling
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Brain-based, mindfully-managed stress counseling: An interpersonal neurobiology based approach to stress counseling

International Conference on Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

June 13-14, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Nesrin Hisli Sahin

Baskent University, Turkey

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Abstract :

Interpersonal neurobiology is a current, consilient approach, synthesizing information from disciplines like neurology, psychology, anthropology, sociology, mathematics, sybernetics, physics, arts, contemplative practices and theories of human behavior like psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive, to explain normal and abnormal behavior. It incorporates issues on brain evolution, bio-psycho-social development, attachment, stress, neurobiology, social cognition, and interpersonal communication. We are in the process of developing a new approach to stress- counseling based on this new approach, named as Brain-Based, Mindfully- Managed Stress Counseling. This is a 10-week psychoeducation program conducted in a group setting (each session is conducted in one and a half hours). The next sessions follow in the mentioned order: the role of the mind in stress and how the mind works, the role of personality in stress and how personality is developed, the importance of communication in stress and the workings of the brain in interpersonal situations, the importance and reality of brain plasticity and its role in the change process, and a wrap-up session with a philosophical, humanistic-existentialistic touch, introducing the role of acceptance and commitment as additional coping strategies. Along the way, during each session a new mindfulness practice is taught and practiced between the sessions. In this speech at the Congress, the details of this new type of stress counseling will be discussed and some preliminary results of pilot studies will be presented.

Biography :

Nesrin Hisli Sahin has completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA in 1972. She received her Graduate and PhD degrees in Clinical Psychology at Aegean University, Turkey. She has been the President of the Turkish Psychological Association for several years. Since 2008, she has been the Head of the Psychology Department at Baskent University and has established the Baskent Univeristy Stress Management and Applications Center in 2014. She has published more then 30 papers in journals listed in the SSCI. She has several CE certificates from Institutions like Benson-Henry Mind-Body Institute, NICABM, Psychotherapy Network, Mindsight Institute.

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