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Biogas, tool of energy saving for companies: To transform the expenditures in savings and profits

International Congress and Expo on Biofuels & Bioenergy

August 25- 27, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Sof�?­a Gonz�?¡lez Hergueta

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Abstract :

The food industry (food processing, catering, agriculture and livestock farms) produces large amount of organic waste. To
reduce expenses and to gain profits, this waste can be recycled by means of anaerobic digestion to obtain biogas, which can
be used as fuel gas, as well as digestates (a high quality fertiliser). The key to avoid dependence on subsidies for the production
of renewable energy is to identify how much thermal or electric energy would be saved by the introduction of this process and
how much time it would take to recover the initial investment.
In this presentation, we will see a brief introduction to anaerobic digestion technology (i.e. what biogas is, how it is
produced and what are its chemical properties) as well as:
1. What expenses of food industries and agricultural and livestock farms can be transformed into savings and income.
2. Relevant aspects in the management of biogas projects (evaluate and avoid risks to optimize the time).
2.1 Strategy: Replacement of thermal consumption in an industry for the production of renewable thermal energy by biogas.
2.2 Design of proper diet of substrates to ensure stability of anaerobic digestion process, correct composition of biogas for use
as fuel gas, ensuring quality digestates.
2.3 Site selection: Analysis of real case scenario to identify key success criteria for the selection of the location of biogas plants.
2.4 Change management aspects: Communication with public administrations and the public.

Biography :

Sofia Gonzalez Hergueta has done her Master’s in Biotechnology and Management of Energy Projects. She is the technical Director of Biogas and Biomass Gasification in Husesolar.