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Immunome Research
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Basis of the novel concept that antibodies mutually exchange on the receptors

8th Molecular Immunology and Immunogenetics Congress

March 20-21, 2017 Rome, Italy

Kimihiko Okazaki

Okazaki Medical Clinic, Japan

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Immunome Res

Abstract :

Although it is well established that an equilibrium state exists among antibody molecules in the vicinity of their receptors on the surface of immune cells, namely, cytolytic T lymphocytes and mast cells, it has long been taken for granted that molecular substitutions of antibodies on their receptors never occur. Obviously, these two concepts disagree with each other because existence of equilibrium state itself indicates that every molecule of antibody keeps changing its status being attached to or detached from its receptor. In addition, a certain molecule of antibody does not necessarily attach to one certain receptor. In other words, every receptor of antibody keeps changing antibodies. The alternative concept, namely, molecular substitutions of antibodies on their receptors do occur all the time, is extremely useful. Reason is that the concept can be applied to complete cure of immune diseases; allergies and autoimmune diseases, and there is another reason that the pathogen specific antibodies can be replaced by harmless non-specific antibodies if the latter are accumulated in patients��? bodies. The necessary and sufficient condition for the accumulation is to repeat injecting the patient with non-specific antigens.

Biography :

Kimihiko Okazaki has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University in 1959. He has worked on various medicinal and chemical researches from 1960- 1981 in both hospitals and educational institutions. He has been practicing Internal Medicine since 1981. Currently, he works at the Okazaki Medical Clinic, Japan (private clinic) since 1989.