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Ayurveda aims to reduce the destruction and promote the synthesis of stronger collagen fibers

3rd International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology

July 21-23, 2014 Hampton Inn Tropicana, Las Vegas, USA

Ajayita Chanana

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Abstract :

Ayurveda has a pivotal role to play in beauty and aging. After sun rays, it is without a shadow of doubt that stress has a considerable negative impact on skin beauty. Before going ahead with any of the treatments either traditional or contemporary we need to tackle this menace judiciously. Distressing plays a crucial role, not only in rejuvenating the skin but also is of utmost importance in pre and post-surgical options for enhancing skin beauty so that the effect of surgical procedures is prolonged to the maximum time possible. Stress also plays havoc with normal skin beauty and makes it look dry, dull and lifeless. The health and glow of our skin is directly linked to how we metabolize collagen. Collagens are important proteins for the skin as they have a key role in as function and structure of the extracellular matrix in the dermis. The imbalance between the synthesis and collagen breakdown is the primary cause of skin problems. Thinner and wrinkled skin is the consequence of reduced collagen. In stress, cortisol level increases. Increased levels of cortisol in persistent stress weakens the immune system of the body and leads to rapid breakdown of the tissues and this breakdown inevitably leads to skin problems such as wrinkles, acne and uneven skin tone. Collagen breakdown is further enhanced by other factors like inflammation, oxidation and glycation thus leading to premature aging. When someone is exposed to repeat or chronic stress, the wear and tear associated with it is which grows over a period of time is called the allostatic load. This weakens the body immune system by causing stress hormonal imbalance. Ayurveda aims to reduce the destruction and promote the synthesis of stronger collagen fibers. A study was conducted on ten patients in which it was found a marked improvement in the skin laxity of the face, overall glow of the skin and face. This was all achieved by 2-3 weeks of consolidated treatment of panchkarma, breathing exercises and following Ayurveda life style. All the Ayurvedic Panchkarma Therapies brought the stress levels remarkably down as per the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale after panchkarma therapies giving long lasting results. All the participants were ecstatic by controlled stress levels. As a result of which their wrinkles were remarkably reduced, skin stopped breaking down and became youthful and smoother in appearance.

Biography :

Ajayita Chanana is a Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Medicine and Ayurvedic Surgery. She has been running her clinic in the beautiful city of Chandigarh, India for last many years. She is a renowned practitioner of Ayurveda. She has been featured on many TV programs to talk about how her treatments help in curing problems like hair loss, stress and other life style disorders. She has visited Europe a couple of times and has learnt a lot about contemporary treatments and has shared her knowledge of Ayurveda with reputed doctors abroad. Patients visit her clinic from India and abroad to reap the benefits of the treatments. She has also been a speaker at International Health Conference on Spa, Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism in 2013 and 2014 and has been awarded with Award of Honor. She has also been a speaker at International Health Conference on Sleep Medicine held in Nepal where she taught the intricacies of Ayurveda and how Ayurveda helps to tackle sleep apnea judiciously to doctors from different parts of the world.