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Autologous cord blood infusions for the treatment of pediatric stroke and cerebral palsy

2nd World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research

November 12-14, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

David T. Harris

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Abstract :

C erebral palsy (CP) is a devastating brain disorder that affects many children worldwide. In addition, for unexplained reasons many children suffer strokes both in and ex utero. Stem cells have the capacity to generate new cells to replace those lost through injury, and have shown promise in animal models of CP and stroke. This presentation will summarize the pre-clinical data for use of cord blood (CB) stem cells for the treatment of these conditions. In addition, case studies will be presented of multiple pediatric patients that have undergone autologous CB stem cell infusions to treat these conditions (CP and stroke). Conditions affecting beneficial outcome will be discussed as well as uses of CB stem cells for other regenerative medicine applications

Biography :

Dr. Harris is a graduate of WakeForestUniversity in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he obtained Bachelor of Science degrees (cum laude) in Biology, Mathematics and Psychology in 1978. He earned a Masters of Medical Sciences (summa cum laude) from BowmanGrayMedicalSchool in 1980 and his Doctorate in Microbiology and Immunology (magna cum laude) from BowmanGrayMedicalSchool in 1982. From 1982-1985 Dr. Harris was a Post-doctorate Fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1985 he joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine. In 1989 Dr. Harris joined the faculty at the University of Arizona in Tucson as an Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. In 1996 Dr. Harris was promoted to Professor of Immunology. Dr. Harris established the first cord blood bank in the USA in 1992. He currently serves as Director of the Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank, is a member of the ArizonaCancerCenter, a member of the Children?s ResearchCenter, and a member of the ArizonaArthritisCenter. Dr. Harris?s research interests include stem cells and regenerative medicine, cancer research/stem cell transplantation and gene therapy. He has published more than 300 articles (papers, book chapters and abstracts), given more than 100 talks on stem cells over the past 7 years, and has served as a consultant to the governments of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. Dr. Harris has also founded 4 companies while at the University of Arizona; Cord Blood Registry, Inc.; ImmuneRegenBioSciences, Inc.; QuReGen, Inc. and AdiCyte