Autism: A neuropsychological perspective
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Autism: A neuropsychological perspective

17th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

May 01-03, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Nora Cavaco

Universidade Lus√?¬≥fona de Lisboa, Portugal

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Abstract :

The person with the disorder of autism spectrum presents very early with specific and persistent features in communication and reciprocal social interaction, with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, interests and activities which greatly limits and compromises their daily life. Neuropsychological research brought us an enriching insight into child development and brain dysfunctions which allows us to understand and evaluate for a more adjusted and conscious action to the autistic person, a neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation perspective, enabling us to chart new paths to a greater understanding of functionality and executive functions in autism.

Biography :

Nora Cavaco has obtained dual BSc degrees, one in Childhood Education and a second one in Educational Psychology and Rehabilitation. She has also obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Practices and in Educational Psychology in the Specialty of Special Educational Needs. All the four degrees were awarded by the University of Algarve. She also holds a Post-graduation degree in Neuropsychology and Dementias from the University of Barcelona and a second Postgraduation degree in Neuroscience applied to Education from FASP University, Faculty of Social Services in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has received her PhD degree in Childhood and Family Education, Psychopedagogical Intervention and Development attributed by the University of Malaga. Currently, she is a member of SICA International Research Group at University of Huelva. Additionally, she is also a Post-doc student at the Faculty of Psychiatry in USP University, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Furthermore, since 2006, she has been a University Professor in the field of Special Education. Her research focus is on autism, health and psychology. She has several publications with great scientific relevance in her areas of study.

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